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Characteristics of Aquarius woman

I don't approve of telling a person based only on the sign of The Sun. Astrology is not just about horoscopes! Please don't miss this reminder! When performing character analysis, base not only your horoscope, but also your ascension or moon sign. I'll try to explain it with a little tips. So much so that the sun is every year January February 21-22 to February 20 as he passes through the dates, he watches in the Aquarius parcel.Dec. The moon comes to Aquarius every 28 days and stays in this sign for about 2 days. The rising sign comes to Aquarius every day, and the eastern line on the horizon remains in this sign for about 2 hours. In your maps, especially if your Sun, Moon or rising sign is Aquarius, the nature of the sign means that you are very interested.

As soon as the sun passes into Aquarius, we know that the season is now winter. It's when we see the most intense features of winter. We yearn for the sun, the light, the Vitality. But even if the outer Sun does not shine, we shine our inner sun, support each other, join solidarity and strengthen our relationships.

A friend, the logic that becomes obvious on a black day is exactly what was said for the time of The Sun Aquarius. Being united in difficult times, working with search and rescue teams, being volunteer and helpful, thinking that everyone has an equal status in difficult conditions reminds us of ourselves at this time of decency.

The theme of devotion arises when feminine energy is combined with Aquarius nature. Aquarius woman meets us with a character who is friendly, helpful and knows in her own inner nature to stand at equal distance from everyone.

You can feel another blood close to yourself, like your own brother, and you can love by putting that person in your family's place, even if it's not your family. Actually, it's incredibly common for you to feel like an alien. You perceive life differently, criticize the effects that everyone loves and popularizes, and you can embrace issues that everyone does not like and are excluded by society. It might make you think you don't belong in this world. So much so that we know that most astrologers and sky watchers come out of Aquarius. The mind may not be in this world, but in the stars, in the extraterrestrial realms.

Even if you do, pretending not to will save you. It will not advance you to be true. You can't expect everyone to be as tolerant as you are when defending what you know is right. As long as you accept the people in your life as they are, your life will be easier. 

You should know that you are equipped with the abilities to best create unity consciousness and social order. As long as you get down to social issues, group activities and team leadership, you will create win – win situations and double your success. 

Innovation, foresight and vision will motivate you. It makes you happy to move forward by calculating two steps later, seeing the future. You can make people look like snobs, make them feel like they're facing your cold walls. However, as you spend time with them, you can make the other side feel what it's like to be very loyal and friendly, including in their lives.

Gives a selective structure. Sharing your ideas and projects with others will make you happy. Your thoughts may not contain proven ideas that are approved by everyone. So much so that I usually say, “first you get stoned, then you get applauded.”  You should try to solve your needs outside of classical methods.

The Aquarius shows the circulatory system, lower legs and heels. In order to keep the circulatory system and blood pressure at a stable level, you should pay attention to the ion balance needed by the body. In order to prevent knee and joint pain, you should adjust your lifestyle on movement and take care to walk a lot.

Aquarius woman may seem cold and distant at first, but as you get to know her, you begin to understand how important respect is, the importance of moving step by step rather than soggy relationships. Aquarius woman likes to play a role in relationships or jobs where she can dream of the future. To make him happy, you must have a vision and instill in him the values that you will add. He can see and determine your needs before you. But you should know that when he talks to you about this situation, instead of criticizing him with snobbery, he is completely on your side and articulates them, really thinking about you. 

An easily disliked and selective attitude can lead you to an insufferable, incomprehensible and stubborn attitude. It will always be liberating to move forward knowing that you can't be understood by people on the same level. Life does not offer equal opportunities to everyone. You know it best, but you can't expect everyone to be as sensitive and tolerant to these issues as you are. As long as you manage to accept people as they are, you will feel that your life flows in a balanced way.

True friendships are always the savior for you. Passions can be deadly, like poison. Life is a step-by-step journey where longevity must be ensured. Speed, risk, ego and arrogance can turn your life upside down in an instant. You have a very good listener and a very good solution finder Horoscope nature. You should never forget that you can express yourself correctly in the right areas. 

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