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Characteristics of Aquarius man

I don't approve of telling a person based only on the sign of The Sun. Astrology is not just about horoscopes! Please don't miss this reminder! When performing character analysis, base not only your horoscope, but also your ascension or moon sign... I'll try to explain it with a little tips. February January 21 - 22 and February 20, the sun passes decidedly in the Aquarius parcel. The moon comes to Aquarius every 28 days and stays in this sign for about 2 days. The rising sign comes to Aquarius every day, and the eastern line on the horizon remains in this sign for about 2 hours. In your maps, especially if your Sun, Moon or rising sign is Aquarius, the nature of the sign means that you are very interested.

11 of the horoscopes generation. Aquarius, which is a sign, points to the structure of nature, where objectivity, innovation and eye are always in the future, future innovations on the horizon. You Aquarius man act within a life plan in which you have developed yourself about innovations, discoveries and vision.

Your relationships, which serve intellectuality and rational intelligence, allow you to be loved by society and the masses. In some cases, it is inevitable that you will have a very extreme attitude. But in environments where you can share your ideas and thoughts, as long as you can express yourself correctly, you can maintain your popularity and move Life forward in a normal flow.

Your ideas can bring revolutions. But acting alone is not for you. You will be happy to be in groups with the same thoughts and excitement. You are well aware that individual needs do not belong only to the individual, everyone should have the opportunity to have equal rights and status. For this reason, instead of your special attitude towards people, your attitude to respect them for being human stands out.

Although you have a structure that is open to innovation and can easily share ideas, the constant nature and nature of your sign can lead you to constant thinking and stubborn thoughts and motives that you cannot easily change. If you can't decipher some issues, you can't find a place between the past and traditional structure and the modern interpretations to come, and you can look for ways to escape life. 

Being social means that you manage to be a kind of Channel in communicating and communicating information, which means that you quickly attract achievements to your life. You should try to increase occupations and pursuits that involve mental activities in your life. Areas where you can highlight your friendly features will put you ahead of your boring, cold and distant posture.

Monotony is not for you. Experiencing the new will motivate you. You can volunteer that the first steps you will take are areas that no one has taken, that no one has taken. Helping and creating win-win situations will motivate you and make you feel strong.

You need to set your own goals. Having someone else make plans for you can turn your emotional world upside down. You may feel uneasy internally and experience emotional tensions, a kind of sudden electrification. Being in the right environment that will convey your feelings, understand you, open to listening, allows you to achieve inner satisfaction.

November November-you should be wary of cramps, muscle over-riding, and sudden reflexes. You may feel a quick attraction to Tein and caffeine substances. You should be careful not to overdo it when consuming such liquids. The circulatory system, heels and calves are your sensitive areas. As long as you maintain the ion balance of the body, you feel strong. 

Aquarius is a social animal, not someone who parties every night. He's even very picky about friendship. He can't give himself up easily to everyone. He likes to be together with sane people who have their feet firmly on the ground and have established their life ambitions decisively. You paint an image of people who love freedom, who are afraid to be connected. However, for you to be free in thoughts, but to care about responsibilities more than all other horoscopes is your main priority. A little more effort to make people feel that they are special to you will block such misunderstandings and increase your value.

In order to express yourself fully correctly, you must accept that you are in need of completion. You should stop putting distances between you and people who do not share the same thrills and thoughts as you, and start categorizing your environment with identities that address your specific needs Dec. You will always be happy to be in actions that you can recognize as belonging and characteristics to yourself. As long as you manage to logically override your emotions and regulate your mental activities, you will be able to create your own autonomous space.

As I've always stated: Aquarius, people don't like it! He loves humanity; you Aquarius men, who say,” I love what is created, because of the Creator, " are the guiding spirits of life. I hope that you will have access to areas where you will not compromise your personality and can freely share your life views, which can easily put your life at peace…

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