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Chanel Cruise 2016-17

Amid chanel's and Karl Lagerfeld's obsessive golden lion motifs, the show began. The show was opened with masculine-feminine designs, highlighting Chanel's most basic sense of style and must-have once again.

One of the highlights of the black and white coloured designs were Panama hats and thick belts at the waist. With these women wearing jackets and ties on top of their shirts, the theme highlighted by Karl Lagerfeld is the interpretation of Guayabera mastery and virtuosity...

If you ask what Guayabera is, cuba's traditional flat-pleated, shoulder-protruding and pocketed shirt. Karl even gave him a name: Cuban Tux. (Cuban Tuxedo)

Then the collection was followed by designs in which organized tulle was used in weight. In tints, green and earth tones come to the fore. Midi-length skirts with light pleats and flywheel effect are again notable details. After the feminine air of organze fabric collides with Cuba's traditional breeze, the show, which is a military parade in the middle of the Pacific, follows a collection of denim shorts-jacket suits and khaki must-have tweed pieces.

After all these khaki and earthy tones and masculine breezes, Lagerfeld surprises viewers and transitions to more fun and colorful pieces. The patterns on the pieces dominated by pink, yellow and blue are the motifs of old cars such as Buick, Oldsmobile, Cadillac. This is also one of Karl Lagerfeld's points inspired by Cuba's old-town vibe.

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