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Cellulite Remover 4 Movements

Cellulite, which we can also define as' the involuntary image that fat cells form on the skin with the loss of the strength of our connective tissue', is a problem that estrogenic women, especially, struggle a lot. Although our genetic predisposition is actually the first among the causes of cellulite, connective tissue loss of strength, hormonal factors and circulation problems are also very effective.decongestant... Don't be afraid, though, but it can be easily solved even with just a change in sport and nutrition! But October cellulite and special cases may also require additional treatments! In this article, we will look at Exercises for the solution of light cellulite formed in the hip and hind leg area, which are the most common.

Again, diagnosis first! To what extent and how long have your cellulite been with you? If you are constantly eating sugary foods, coffee, ready-made foods, and you are Immobile, then you have no right to complain! Take action not only for cellulite but for yourself cut out sugar, put an alkaline diet with plenty of vegetables into your life, drink plenty of water and add the exercises I'll give you now to your day extreme sports program!

Our first move is a powerful move that complements a combined set with static standby! (Donkey Kick) in this exercise, which we will do with our knees and hands facing the ground, we extend one leg backwards! When our leg comes back, our knee won't touch the ground. After doing 10-12 again, we kick short December up in a broken position with our knee (kick up) with kick back without a break, and again 10-12 again! Without a break, our leg is straight in the first movement and after waiting 10 seconds in the back position, we complete the first set and move on to the other leg! So 10 again +10 again +10 seconds in the form of waiting and the other leg.  Depending on your Form status, you can go up to December 3 or 4 sets of 15 to 20 repetitions.

The hip bridge movement, in which we lift our hips while lying on your back with broken knees, is the movement that will hit the heated hips in the first movement! Here you can increase the tension with the help of a resistance band or weight. Since our problem is actually related to connective tissue and circulation, again, very repetitive and static waits are the fine point of training. 20-25 repetitions, after contracting our hips for half a second above, we wait 10 seconds at the top of the last replay by squeezing our hips again according to your Form 3 - 4 sets will be enough.

Lunge movement from exercises that work the entire lower limb! To avoid crippling yourself here, pay attention to the movement form and start with few repetitions. Attention! It may not be suitable for those with knee problems. In a standing flat position, we place our hands on our waist and Crouch, taking a step forward, our other foot is fixed on the ground, and our knee, which we step in in the position in which we bend, does not cross the finger tip of our foot. It's like Crouching a big step with one leg... If you're going to do it for the first time, start with small repetitions and over time, the December of 10-12 repetitions is your goal. 3 sets will suffice.

Plank, which runs the entire body through isometric contraction, is just a finishing exercise for people who will try these exercises... Our goal here is to increase our resistance and close with a whole-body exercise that also includes the problem area. Elbows and finger tips are flat and steady. It is important not to lower the waist and your waiting time will be extended soon. Complete 3 sets, even 20-30 seconds at the beginning, and 1 minute is your goal. As a last word, all exercises will work well when done regularly with a good eating plan! Good luck to all of you...

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