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Causes of pain in the groin stuck like a knife

Especially after the 16th-17th weeks of pregnancy, you may experience sudden, knife-stabbing pains in the lower abdomen or groin from time to time. Don't let that scare you! These pains depend on the stretching of the ligaments around the growing uterus. One of these ligaments is round ligament, its pain is called round ligament pain.

Where does it happen?

Very typically, these pains occur mostly when standing up, turning left and right in bed, making a sudden movement or coughing. These movements cause pain because they stretch the ligaments around the uterus, but such pains are very short-lived, they start suddenly, they end quickly. Again, although they are usually seen in the right groin, they can only be felt on the left or both sides.

When does it end?

As the weeks progress, complaints of round ligament pain decrease. No treatment is required for pains that are only linked to round ligament stretching. Simple measures such as resting, changing the position of the body, avoiding sudden movements, applying hot to the area of pain or taking a hot shower provide relief.

The lower back, groin and abdominal pains that appear in different ways due to round ligament pain or the anatomical structure that differs during pregnancy will occur throughout pregnancy, but if the pains are very severe, they come and go at regular intervals, there is no relief with the above recommendations and other complaints (vaginal bleeding, burning in the urine, nausea, vomiting, genital odor... etc.) if accompanied by obstetrician and gynecologist control is important in order to exclude the possibility of premature birth or all diseases that may be considered serious, it should not be neglected. It should be noted that the most important cause of unsclusive premature births is pain that has not been taken seriously, that is indistinguishable.

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