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Care recommendations for sensitive skin

Did you know that even a 10-minute bath has a skin dryness-enhancing effect? If you have a sensitive and dry skin structure, you should keep the bath time short, especially in winter, and the water is maximum 36-40 degree you must use between. For facial cleansing, you should choose warm water at a much lower temperature.

Why does our skin dry during this period when we are at home for almost 24 hours? The answer to this question is curious ‘humidity’. As we try to heat the environment indoors, we also reduce the humidity. For skin health, it is important to keep the room temperature between 21 Dec 25 Dec and adjust the humidity between 30-50 per cent. Air your location several times a day during daylight hours when air pollution is low. You can also better adjust the ideal temperature and humidity by using room thermometers.

The biggest problem of sensitive and dry skin is that it is very quickly affected by heat, cold, wind, in short, weather conditions and external factors... so you should choose the right products that provide the necessary protection and care for your skin. The products you choose should be both soothing and nutritious. In this way, you can avoid problems such as redness. Sweden centred Celenes by Sweden's Cloudberry the brand, which offers a solution to cold Nordic climatic conditions, uses Cloudberry, that is, Norwegian BlackBerry in this series, which it has developed specifically for sensitive and dry skin. Cloudberry is an excellent soothing agent for sensitive skin.... It also meets the mineral needs of the skin with the minerals it contains. Norwegian BlackBerry (Cloudberry) penetrates the skin quickly and helps meet the skin's moisture needs with its ultra-moisturizing properties.

The skin type that reacts most to chemical ingredients is, of course, the sensitive skin type... you should make sure that the skin care products you use do not contain parabens, silicone, aluminum, alcohol, nanoparticles, petrochemicals, perfumes and colorants. Celenes by Swedenthat's one of the main reasons we recommend!

Sensitive and dry skin is much more stretched than normal skin when changing weather and after washing. For this reason, wrinkles appear even at an early age when they are not properly hydrated. Celenes by Sweden Cloudberry the series helps keep the cells Young against aging by detoxifying your skin with the support of antioxidant effect. It plays anti-wrinkle role by increasing skin elasticity. Although Norwegian BlackBerry (Cloudberry) is rich in vitamin C, it is also very strong in terms of vitamin E, calcium, magnesium and benzoicacite.

Even if you do not wear makeup, you should clean your skin twice a day, morning and evening. When cleaning the oil and dirt on your skin, you should definitely choose a skin cleanser that does not dry. Otherwise, your skin will become much more sensitive. Celenes By Sweden Cloudberry the face wash gel included in the series does not dry the skin and provides extra moisture thanks to the Norwegian BlackBerry (Cloudberry) in its content. Thanks to vitamin E, it cleanses the skin and also gives vitality and shine.

After skin cleansing, provide your skin with the moisture it needs in the most accurate way by choosing a soothing face cream. This way, you will not encounter problems such as redness, tension and itching. Celenes by Sweden Cloudberry soothing facial cream soothes the skin with its special formula that provides natural moisture for sensitive skin. Norwegian BlackBerry (Cloudberry) protects the skin from external factors, while its antioxidant effect fights free radicals in the skin. In addition, Omega 7 content increases the skin's moisture retention capacity, while vitamins B and C nourish the skin. Paraben, perfume, alcohol, Mineral oil and chemical preservatives do not contain also the reasons of priority choice!

Because sensitive and dry skin is often stretched, even your facial lines can deepen and soon turn into aging lines. Soothing and nourishing Celenes by Sweden Cloudberry Eye area Care Cream is a product where you can gently moisturize the eye area and remove traces of fatigue. This cream, which neutralizes free radicals and reduces signs of aging and fatigue thanks to the Norwegian BlackBerry Content, also helps remove dark circles around the eyes with horse chestnuts and Yellowberries. Paraben contains no alcohol, Mineral oil or chemical preservatives.

Another point that you should pay attention to when it comes to dry and sensitive skin care is to moisturize the entire body in the first 5 minutes after bathing. Celenes by Sweden Cloudberry Thanks to the soothing and Nourishing Body Lotion Formula Omega 7, it provides intense hydration and increases the ability of the skin to retain moisture. It also provides a detox effect to the skin with antioxidant support. Paraben does not contain alcohol, Mineral oil and chemical preservatives, so you can safely use it all over your body.

Red foods beta carotene and orange foods lycopene show a high degree of antioxidant properties. Add apples, oranges and pomegranates, which are winter fruits, to your daily diet. In the summer, Blackberry enjoy the fruits of the forest like! Also antioxidant in terms of its properties, it is useful to consume foods that give shine and moisture to the skin, such as dark Yesil leafy vegetables, coconut and avocado. Also make a habit of drinking an average of 2 liters of water a day to moisturize your skin from the inside. 

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