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Care recommendations for lubrication in the T Area

The effect of ice

Giving up the summer months is another effect of ice. The pieces of ice you will hold in your T area by wrapping them in a cloth reduce your pores and remove oil and dirt, preventing glare. You can easily do this by moving ice to the T zone for 30 seconds.

Salt is the enemy of fats!

Soak the salt with water to the consistency of a light paste and apply to your T-area for a few minutes. Your skin absorbs salt in a few minutes, then rinse your skin with hot water. Here's a smooth look. However, if you overdose on this application, your skin will start to dry out, we tell you.

Miracle of cucumbers

Cucumbers give your skin natural refreshment. Massage your face with rafts, its refreshing water gives your skin a feeling of relaxation.

Oil-absorbing wipes

You can also remove the lubrication and glare that will occur during the day with oil-absorbing wipes. It is both very practical and very easy to use, gently remove excess oil from your face with a handkerchief.

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