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Can Bonomo: My son is like my copy

His shots were performed at the popular jazz club Touché, the band the new section of the digital series “we sat at a table” of the Zorlu PSM Youtube channel, which also included editorial and creative, he hosted Can Bonomo, who has works in different branches of art, such as poetry books and painting exhibitions, as well as his musicianship.

In his new episode, Can Bonomo, a guest of Gulins, described both how being a father was an experience for him and his art career, which spans many different fields, such as music, poetry and painting.

"My son is like my copy’

"It's a very different feeling, it's been ninety days since he was born, and if you leave me, I can talk about him for hours. And my son looks just like me. He could look like his mother, but he's like a copy of me., ” he said. 

“We started doing podcasts because it was easy.” 

Bonomo, known for his musicianship as well as his interest in poetry and painting, and his productions in these fields, emphasized that he turned to doing what he loved rather than his goal of doing too much. Bonomo, who has been broadcasting a podcast for more than seven years and has come to life with close friends, said: “I was already doing radio before my first album came out. My show usually coincided with nighttime broadcasts. After the Meczup album came out, I had to leave the radio broadcasts, but then I realized that I missed it very much. When we started making podcasts, it was not yet so popular in Turkey. Our program has passed its seventh year in the world of podcasts. Actually, we did a podcast because it was a little easy for us. We didn't start as a visionary indicator, but now I think we were very visionary,” he said. 

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