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Burberry Fall-Winter 2017

Bailey's inspiration this season is the renowned British sculptor Henry Moore, and even the collection's preparation stages, which he says he has received help from his daughter. The combination of pieces in the collection with worker's overalls or trousers with lace dresses has also emerged from the combination of these two artists.

In impressive and feminine forms, the pieces represent a rather clear posture and monolithic figure rather than any chaos. Trench coats, a must-have piece from Burberry, continue to retain the classic British style with their traditional dimensions.

Especially in knitwear pieces, with cuts that we can call sexier, open shoulders and asymmetrical miniskirts, Burberry showcases the female spirit in the most striking way, not with patterns but in patterns. The collection is dominated by black and white and classic Burberry, although blue and line patterned pieces occasionally stand out.

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