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Brussels sprouts with potatoes

* 1 pack of Brussels sprouts
* 2 medium potatoes.
* 1 onion or 1 sprig leek
•    Olive
* Salt & pepper
• 1 Apple according to request

* Wash the Brussels sprouts and divide them longitudinally in the middle by 2.
* Chop potatoes and (apples if you want) in cubes, onion piazlik.
* Take the onion in a large pan; kill a little in ½ tea cup of olive oil.
* When the onion is soft, add the remaining ingredients and ½ cup of water.
* Add salt and plenty of black pepper, then cook until the vegetables are tender with the lid closed and six low. Mix decoction and check the water. Add controlled little by little if the water runs out.
* You can serve hot or cold if you want.

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