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Brownie slices on the bar

I like to differentiate ordinary flavors with a little touch or two and surprise around me. Don't you think it's more fun than serving regular brownie cake slices? An exquisite delicacy that you can make on your special days, that your children will undoubtedly love, that will surprise everyone with its presentation! If you prefer it for parties, you can cut it into smaller sizes and dip it in toothpipping, I'm sure they'll be pretty as cute. In the summer you can line up little cut strawberries and pour dark chocolate on it, so I tried it and it became indispensable.

There are some recipes, the presentation is fantastic and the taste remains more in the background. No matter how different the presentation in this recipe, its flavor is very much at the forefront! You feel the chocolate here and there's enough to take the tiredness of the day off and make you smile. I should also point out that you can dip your slices in white or milk chocolate, except for melted dark chocolate. In fact, I can imagine how gorgeous and colorful the brownies you dip into the three of them will be visually. You've got the creativity, I'm sure with this recipe you'll have some great trials.

Bon appétit!

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