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Breastfeeding babies love vegetables more

Feeding children vegetables can turn into a battle for parents

According to a new study at the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia, USA, breastfeeding children are easier to eat with vegetables in later life.

The researchers noted that breastfed babies tasted vegetables with breast milk, so that when solid foods were switched, they became familiar with the taste of vegetables. Thus, children who are breastfed as babies can consume the vegetables given more easily and lovingly than those who are not breastfed.

The research was conducted by splitting mothers into five groups.  One of the four different groups was given vegetable juice at different times, while the other group was given no. When babies began to eat solid foods at the age of eight months, they were given cereals flavored with carrots or broccoli. Researchers discovered that babies whose mothers drank vegetable juice preferred carrot-flavored cereals. It was also determined that timing played a major role in this research. Babies whose mothers had started drinking vegetable juice at the earliest ate carrot-flavored grain more and faster.

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