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Braided knobs from the Golden Globe

Lily Collins, who we're used to seeing in big, messy buns at awards ceremonies, didn't mislead us at the Golden Globes either. Lily Collins, one of the celebrities who joined the braided bun fashion with her slender braids surrounding her slightly messy-looking bun, created a matching hairstyle to her rose-dry floral dress.

Lily Collins in a dress
Lily Collins with short hair

Sarah Jessica Parker, who has been widely criticised for her sleek style on the red carpet, has combined braiding fashion with the iconic character Princess Leia of actress Carrie Fisher, who passed away last week. The crown model, made with fish back braids, was the most notable braided hair look on the Golden Globes red carpet.

Sarah Jessica Parker with short hair

We love what the famous actress does to her red hair! Putting on a clean hairstyle thanks to her sharp-looking bun, she romanticised her style with her braid surrounding her tiny bun. The fact that his bun was knotted gave Chastain a modern feel. Jessica Chastain's blue floral patterned dress, which made minimal choice at the Golden Globe Awards, featured red, romantic braided bun hair.

Jessica Chastain with short hair

Olivia Culpo, one of the names who made her mark on the red carpet in her colorful Zuhair Murad dress and bohemian make-up, shows that she is a firm follower of the 2017 trends with her hair. Her large knob, which consists of thick braids, offers an attractive look thanks to the ombre tones in her hair. The only row of braids that came from both sides and merged in the bun took Culpo away from the mediocrity.

Olivia Culpo in a dress
a woman with a diamond ring
Olivia Culpo with earrings
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