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Book recommendations for expectant mothers

I wrote about how I feed in my article last week. This week, I'm going to talk about the books that I've collected with suggestions from you and that I've read and enjoyed. Like every first expectant mother, I first received the encyclopedia "What to Expect While Waiting for Your Baby.".

At first I enjoyed reading it because it was the only book that everyone recommended and read. However, in addition to being thick, large, theoretical, you get so lost in some articles because it is translated from a foreign language that I quit after the second reading.

The second book I read was Ayşe Öner's "Pregnancy Birth and Baby Care Book", which I have heard many times before, who is a breastfeeding consultant and a former nurse.

The book is divided into three sections. And if you really don't know anything, this book serves as a guide. There are benefits of normal childbirth, what to do to eat well during pregnancy, exercise recommendations to breathe correctly, even product recommendations that you can use. It allows you to read with pleasure with an easy narrative language without squeezing while reading.

By the way, I have to say, these books are all just tools. In fact, we're the ones who'll learn by going with everything. But you still need books and experience a little more, especially if you don't have anyone like me who's never had a pregnancy, raised a child (other than our mothers). After discovering these two books myself, I asked my followers for help via Instagram. So there were many different suggestions from you, but mostly similar and the same suggestions were written. So I put it all together, and here I share with you the books that you can read throughout the pregnancy in a list:

* Good Advice for Bad Habits - Shermin Wheeler
* Miraculous Solutions to Baby Care Problems - Tracy Hogg & Melinda Blau
* Hello Baby - Sinem Olcay Kademoglu
* Pregnancy Birth and BabySitting Book - Ayşe Öner
* Safe Attachment - Specialist Pedagog Doctor Adam Sun
* I'll Start Motherhood Now - Shermin Wheeler
* 9 months 99 Esma - Aysegul Akakuş Akgün
* What to Expect While Waiting for Your Baby
* Modern BabySitting - Erhan Ateş
*The Art of Motherhood-Adam Sun
*Hug Me Mom- Maria Luisa Ferreros
*Sleeping Book of the Happiest Baby in the Neighborhood- Dr Harvey Karp
*Birth Preparation Guide - Ina May
*Until 40 of them fly - Dr. Gökhan Mamur
*Playing With My Baby- Sinem Özen Canbolat
*Hello Baby- Sinem Olcay Kademoglu
*Effective Parent Education- Thomas Gordan
*The Secret Life of the Unborn Child- Dr. Thomas Verny
*The Art of Child Rearing- Dr. Christopher Green
*Pregnancy child development- Elizabeth Fenwick
*Mom I'm Growing Up Help Me- Dr. Obengül Dragon
*Children's Education Handbook - Haluk Yavuzer
*Being a mother- Haluk Yavuzer
*Natural Parenting- Dr. William Sears&Martha Sears
*Motherhood 24/7- Erdogan Çalak
*What awaits you in the first year of your pregnancy- Dr. Kaan Kocatepe
*Life Begins at Home- Gözde Erdogan
*Diary of Beans - Özlem Dilber

So what was Buse's favorite with all these suggestions? Definitely the book "I'll Start Motherhood" by Shermin Wheeler!

I started reading this book when I was on a flight from Bodrum to Istanbul. I was on the front page of the book when I got on the plane, and I was on page 100 when I landed! And now I'm already done. I think school's the fastest book I've read in my life. As I read each page, I found myself laughing and having fun. I even made my wife read the places I laughed :) Shermin Wheeler is a mother of three and describes her experiences in her own funny language. You'll know when you read the book that everything he's saying is real and heartfelt. Between such a serious author and the book, this book feels like medicine to the mother-to-be, who is already nervous enough. "Oh man, there are those who take responsibility with fun and laughter!" :)

Now I'm going to start the same author's book, "Good Advice for Bad Habits." And I'm going to read all your other books in full.

That's the way it is for now:) I learn different things in every book and try to educate myself as a young mother-to-be. I know the biggest education will be after our baby is born, but it helps to reassure people a little bit about "can I do it?" in this theoretical knowledge.

He'll meet again next week :)
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