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Bomontiada's new ones: Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro' menu, a new brand created by Pozitif, consists entirely of local ingredients, and most of the ingredients are sourced from feriköy organic market. Cemre Narin, as we know from Vogue, was the food consultant for the place.

Kilimanjaro's decoration belongs to Autoban Architecture. You can try delicious tastes from a selection of special drinks around the giant iconic bar placed in the center of the venue. Especially the Moscow Mule cocktail is very famous!

Whether you're going to go to the Alt exhibition before dinner at Kilimanjaro, or go to babylon next door after dinner and enjoy the music, be sure to try Kilimanjaro. It can be hard to find a table on the evenings of a concert at Babylon alone, so I suggest you make a reservation. Enjoy it now

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