Blake Lively with a red lipstick
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Blake Lively's Makeup Secrets

Blake Lively remains in the spotlight with his new film The Shallows. The actress shared tips on her daily make-up routine.

Lively, who spoke of herself on the red carpet with her dazzling beauty, said her daily routine lasted no more than five minutes. She said she always wears sunscreen and colourful moisturizer every day, adding that she usually doesn't wear anything else. Lively, who always likes to add color to her look whenever she wants by carrying a lipstick in her bag, said that from time to time she rubs her blush on both her cheeks, eyelids and nose, giving her skin a natural look.

In vogue magazine, Lively explained that she likes to revitalize the bottoms of her hair for her hair, which is easily extinguished during the day. He noted that he usually prefers to do this with a large, soft brush rather than a flat comb. She added that she likes to use her hair in a natural look.

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