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Black Week Festival begins

This year's festival theme will be georges simenon, a famous Belgian writer who came to Istanbul in 1933 and stayed at Pera Palace Hotel Jumeirah and wrote two books in Turkey.

In addition to world-renowned British writer Philip Kerr, internationally renowned writers such as Tibor Fischer, Sam Wilson, David Walton, Mari Jungstedt and important Turkish writers such as Sevin Okyay, Elçin Poyrazlar and Suphi Varım will participate in the festival, which will be held on 1-2-3 December, as well as Turkey's first police magazine 221B.

The festival will also welcome police enthusiasts from Pera Palace Hotel Jumeirah's Galata Hall with sessions such as "District Police", "Police in Historical Novels", "Women Policemen".

At the 2nd Black Week Istanbul Festival, all events will be open to the public and free of charge.

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