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Best Under-Eye Concealers

Norwegian salmon oil increases the skin's immunity, while slowing down the effects of aging. Salmon oil contains over 18% Omega-3, DHA and EPA fatty acids. Dark color relaxes the eye area thanks to its numerous nutritional properties. Vitamin E, retinol and Omega 3 fatty acids found in Hokkaido nut extract fight skin aging. Prevents the formation of dark circles. It is comfortably applied to the skin with a smooth creamy texture. This concealer illuminates the skin around the eyes for a more vibrant, youthful look. 

It can be applied as a concealer both around the eyes and on the face. It illuminates the eye area very nicely, covers the darkness, as well as perfectly covers skin defects and spots. So you can use it locally in any place of the face. It can also be used as illuminator! You can apply the same tone or 1 tone light color to the parts of your face that you want to show bright, clear and fresh. Thanks to its radiant property, fatigue scars become ambiguous. At the same time, the appearance of the lines softens. One of the most important features is that it does not contain paraben, alcohol, synthetic smell... 

A nourishing and moisturizing product that provides a natural look by illuminating the eye area. It helps reduce the appearance of skin spots around the eyes, provides color equality. Thanks to its special content, it helps to protect the eye area.

L'oréal Paris offers its dream formula to Parisian women looking for a concealer that perfectly covers the marks of blemish, redness and fatigue that form on their skin and dazzles with the finish it offers, with a concealer that is more than infaillible. Infaillible concealer, which comes to the fore with its functional formula suitable for all percentage use and strengthens the posture of the skin, is preferred due to its high pigmentation and structure that does not fill the lines.

Thanks to its lightly built formula, which does not contain fat, it is easily dispersed on the skin and does not fill into fine lines. It is easily absorbed by the skin and does not create the appearance of a mask on the face. It adapts to the skin texture and offers a natural and flawless skin appearance. It does not cause glare on the skin due to its matte finish.

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