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Best selling perfumes of 2016

CK Euphoria has been one of the most popular perfumes since its launch in 2005. Pomegranate, kaki and dates on the top notes of Calvin Klein Euphoria; amber, violet, lotus flower and black orchid on medium notes; the lower notes contain musk and amber.


If you like the expressive, glamorous and sweet smell of fruit fragrances, this perfume is for you. Peaches, apricots, pears and currants on the top notes of perfume; The middle notes are jasmine, sandalwood and cedar.


Especially attracting attention with its nostalgic bottle design, the perfume bears the signature of Vakko. The favorite feature of the users is; to be permanent. It contains notes of geranium, jasmine, patchy, vetiver and cedar tree.

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The Lancome brand's La Vie Est Belle perfume, starring actress Julia Roberts, consists of iris flower concentrate, jasmine and lily extract, orange blossom extract and patchy essence. If you like sugary fragrances, you can give this perfume a chance.

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Attracted by its provocative and masculine smell, Euphoria Intense is the new version of Euphoria Men that is denser and darker. Includes notes: Ginger, pepper, reyhan, sage, kaaba straw, cede, amber, resin.

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Joop Homme is a perfume that contains cinnamon, orange blossom and jasmine. Attracting users with sweet and woody notes, this perfume ranks sixth on the list of favorites.


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If you like intense fragrances, Tom Ford Black Orchid may be your perfume. Unisex can be used comfortably by both men and women thanks to the fact that it is a fragrance. It is also a much loved perfume with its bottle design...

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The Burberry Classic is a classic and phenomenal fragrance. On the top note; The lower note of the fragrance, which includes bergamot, fresh mint, lavender, mountain thyme, has cedar and amber.

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Davidoff Cool Water, fresh and fresh smell. It is also among the perfumes that are loved with its smell and bottle, where you feel the sea breezes. Citrus fruits, quince, pineapple, watermelon, melon, black grapes, lotus in the upper notes of perfume; jasmine, rose, muge; The lower notes include vetiver, iris, sandalwood, peach and raspberries. With its light and pleasant smell, you can also choose comfortably in summer.

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An ideal perfume for men who like sharp and woody fragrances, Chanel Blue De Chanel has an intense structure. Thanks to its durability, it is among the most popular perfumes.

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