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Best pore firming products for oily and combination skin

Craving: I use the gel form for mixed skin and I am very pleased. It's intense floral smell, I love it! Although I'm just at the top of my first jar, I prefer to use it only at night. I've also used this pale pink color cream several times as a daytime make-up six base. I've been trying Lierac products for a while and I can say it adds the vitality you need to face. At the same time it is quite fertile, it is enough to moisten even a very small amount.

Craving: A water based moisturizer recommended for skin facing from normal to oily. Its structure is very light, very beautifully dispersed, integrated with my skin, immediately absorbed, moisturized very well and reduced the lubrication in my t-area. Especially when I apply it at night, my skin becomes less shiny and greasy than before... Because of its light structure and does not contain silicone, it does not clog pores, does not cause blackhead formation less A product that perfectly moisturizes and does not stand like a layer when it is eaten by massaging your face. It was my favorite because it does not leave a greasy feeling on the skin.

Merve: These queues 'nuxe to preserve the moisture of the face after make-up cleaning aquabella moisturizer I use emulsion' and I am quite satisfied. What area of my face needs; a cream that moisturizes dry areas and mattes greasy areas. With regular use every day in the morning and evening, you can notice the natural appearance of your skin.

Nermin: It both moisturized my skin and eliminated the feeling of greasiness. Thanks to the wheat oil contained in it, it also moisturized my skin for a long time without lubricating it. Since theproduct is herbal, its smell is not very pleasant...

Çağla: I have only been using Bioderma Sebium Pore Refiner for three days. The effect is already visible. Honestly, I didn't expect to get results so fast. A moisturizer I can recommend for combination skin with pore problems. During the three days I used, it took both sensitivity in the pore formed area, redness and prevented glare. In pores over time

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