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Best apps for making GIF

GIPHY, the maker of the most beautiful GIFs since it was founded in 2013, now also helps you make your own GIFs. This user-friendly app allows you to make long-term GIFs and rewind your GIF in just one click. GIPHY is a very fun app that you can easily use with various kinds of filters and effects that you can apply on your GIF. It has also merged with GifGrabber in recent months, giving its users another opportunity. You can also create GIFs from any video you want with the new feature.


Boomerang, released last October, is Instagram's own app. Although it does not technically make GIFs, it creates a GIF-shaped image by adding a lot of photos to each other that it takes in a row. The fact that it differs from the GIF applications we are accustomed to provides an easier and more enjoyable option. We're sure we'll see more and more.

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This app invites its users to explore the colorful face of the digital world. This app, where you can do anything you want by setting your background green, is just beginning to be discovered. You can create GIFs, such as animation, by syncing your photos with music. After shooting, you can enjoy different filters by swiping the screen sideways.

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GIFyourself lets you add your selfies to pre-made GIFs. This application, which you can easily use, also offers you the possibility to share on any social media you want. If you wish you had my own face in the GIFs you like, you should try this free app.

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Ultra Text is a great solution for people who want to text with GIFs. Because the app can translate any message you want into a GIF. Many fonts stand out for their stickers and colors. It's also connected to Facebook Messenger, allowing you to write the GIF you want from your Messenger as a message. Saying goodbye to emojis and messaging them with GIFs can create a new trend.

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