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Best 7 Brad Pitt films

"Fighting Club", which has become a phenomenon from the first moment it is published, has become one of the most important elements of today's popular culture; Maybe it's the movie brad pitt riveted his talent. "If I wore these pants, the shirt, these glasses, the police will take them!" is my favorite Brad Pitt movie, the Tyler Durden Fight Club, with its dress, cool and style style. We violated the rule a little bit, but here's the first rule of fight club: you're not going to talk about Fight Club!"

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Here's brad pitt and tom cruise, who we remember with their baby faces, perhaps the ancestor of modern vampire movies today... With brad pitt's unique acting; We watch in all its reality what a vampire eats, drinks, feels, does. With the Twilights and the True Bloods around yet, whatever you want to call the vampire world, I say watch "Meet the Vampire."

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"Sometimes the opportunities we capture determine our lives. Sometimes we miss." Here's another Brad Pitt movie that makes us question our lives. On the day of the end of World War I, benjamin button, who was born an old man in his 80s, will reverse his life clock and his death will take place when he reaches insomncy. David Fincher, who also works with Pitt at the Fighting Club, is the director of this magnificent film, which also puts the phrase "Getting younger as you get older like Benjamin Button".

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Combining Tarantino and Brad Pitt, who have long wanted to work together, "Gang of Degenerates" brings an alternative perspective to Nazi Germany. The film, which stands out for its epic narrative and its exclusive characters, is a feast of viewing. Which one of us hasn't tried to speak Italian with a Texas accent after this movie?

Brad Pitt in a military uniform

When you watch some movies and you say, "No such acting, no such acting," there really isn't. The film is based on a true story about baseball player Billi Beane breaking taboos with her own system developed during her time as a manager. Brad Pitt, who we're watching as Billy Beane, is too good to be true. If you're thinking about what I'm going to watch this weekend, I say give "The Art of Winning" a chance.

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"Ocean's Eleven," in which we watch Brad Pitt and George Clooney side by side, is a mix of celebrities. In the action-packed film, we watch Danny Ocean and his crew breathlessly for two hours as they build the golden eleven in the most masterful casino heist in history.

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I thought I'd make a contribution to the film's misty air, its tense unknowns.
And I chose "Seven" for the last film on our list number seven. Director Fincher and Brad Pitt are back together in the production, which follows a serial killer who brutally murdered seven deadly sinners and two detectives who go after him. The film's unexpected finale has already taken its place in the history of cinema. (I'm not giving spoilers, I didn't say the end)

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