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Bensu Soral designed socks for SosyalBen Foundation

SosyalBen bussed Children to discover their talents in the area of education, to develop and to support orientation in this context in accordance with their capabilities, broaden their horizons, increases self-confidence and grow as individuals to make a contribution to happier, sharing, and social awareness perform activities that the foundation's Volunteer Ambassador Soral, in order to enable you to gain powerful abilities to create a vision of a society where children's dreams of generations aware of support. 
“Every journey begins with a dream and continues with its realization, " said Bensu Soral, a volunteer ambassador for the SosyalBen Foundation. In our journey with the SosyalBen Foundation saying #dream to reality, I wanted children to be able to dream and take a step closer to their dreams. I'm so excited that thanks to the colorful socks I've designed, children will make their dreams come true with their abilities. As a volunteer ambassador for the SosyalBen Foundation, add a color to our children's dreams, and support SosyalBen children by purchasing this product, which is the result of a dream."he expressed his feelings," he said.


Ece SosyalBen Foundation, founder of the farmer; “SosyalBen Foundation in Turkey and in the world in the fields that performs physical and digital, art, music, dance, sports, creative writing, short film, photography, creative drama, The Invention of the capabilities of workshops on different themes, such as social and self by imagining a society for the future generations of children who are aware of the strong working. In 11 countries, 72 provinces, we have touched the lives of 45 thousand children with the help of our volunteers and supporters. Our efforts to develop these abilities were reinforced by the dreams of the Children of SosyalBen and US. I hope that by contributing to the dream world of many more children, we will move one step closer to our dream of creating a society of happy individuals who are aware of their abilities.”

Perfumed 2-box socks designed by Soral in 3 different colors are an alternative to make your loved ones happy as a New Year gift while supporting SosyalBen children to make their way from #Dream To Reality. # SosyalBen Foundation and Bensu Soral, who work with the discourse of imagination, through SosyalBen Store Lidyana.com she invites everyone to support her children to approach their dreams with socks sold at.

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