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Belly melting movements

Waist lubrication is an increasing problem today. Because for many different reasons, this area is very suitable for lubrication. Today's incorrect eating habits, genetic predisposition, deteriorating hormonal system, age progression, habits are the leading causes... In addition, the waist area is also lubricated over time to protect the organs from many factors, creating a negative situation for us both from a health and aesthetic point of view. Let's see how we solve this problem with sports and nutrition. Remember that while exercise can correct conditions caused by inactivity and improper nutrition, it will only be slightly beneficial in situations caused by health and other reasons!

Body fat will not decrease until the waist area oil is reduced, so our first working area is the kitchen! Regular and healthy eating and exercise without taking control will tighten and strengthen that area a little, but no clear results will occur.

The next step from the diet is to enter a training program that speeds up fat burning. For example, I currently made in private lessons HITT (high intensity) functional training systems kardio or short Hitt (daily by increasing your metabolic rate), preferably 35 minutes over medium kardio ( being the more active glycogen depleted and reduced insulin system) is required to achieve the goal.

It November November, and November, the abdominal muscles are also the same as the other muscles, so it is important to remember that the abdominal muscles are not our main priority, as progressive overload will cause your abdominal muscles to hypertrophy ( volumetric growth). Add the plank movement, a static exercise for thinning of the waist area, to your program in the form of flat plank, side plank and reverse plank if you can (starts can be 3-4 sets of 20-30 seconds).

All activities that run the waist area for a long time without weight Thinning this area. From turning the Hulahop to dancing! But if you don't have such skills, it's all right. You can also make a program with step movements that you will do by pulling your knees up with a step board or similar elevation (it is appropriate to have a program of at least 20-25 minutes 4 or 5 days a week).

Apply the side bend movement (a side-flexing movement is done by holding one hand in the air and flexing the other hand in the form of a side bend by gluing the other hand to the body to be a little more effective ) in a very repetitive and rhythmic way, without using weight first as the left and then the right side (3-4 sets 25-30 repetitions). Moving from right to left can be risky, so we do it one by one. I've listed these items in order of importance for you with the logic of waist thinning, but if you want to see a little abdominal November in your waist, you can add shuttle movements to your program again with the logic of side bend (high repetitions without weightlessness). Note: too much stimulation of the abdominal area late at night can miss your sleep!

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