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Begüm Khan for Guerlain

As a result of the collaboration of Begum Khan, the creator of unique designs that intertwine mystical Eastern culture and modern elegance, with Guerlain, an unusual jewel perfume bottle was produced in only 15 pieces and 6,500 precious crystals were processed, each by hand. This collaboration has a different value because LVMH Group is working with a Turkish designer for the first time, as well as offering Kiroglu the opportunity to redesign a legendary heritage with a different vision. The designer, who worked closely with the Guerlain team for a year, is expanding Begum Khan's iconic insect family by transforming the brand's symbol, the bee motif, into a queen bee design decked out on decked four orchids. 

"Istanbul is the city where I was born, and Paris, my second home, is where I found myself plunging into romantic dreams. Saint Louis, Quai while Guerlain opened its first store located in the same place and the Champs-Élysées in the old Rose Garden, I had a dream,” says Begum Khan and he makes his position clear: “when the scent of bergamot mingle with sandalwood reminiscent of the Far East Mediterranean, began to take shape in my mind a fairy tale: one queen, the rose-colored marshmallows and sweet syrup to spread our wings to regale you with ancient capital of the Ottoman Empire, Istanbul. Finally, he returns to Paris, decorated like a dazzling jewel and filled with romantic memories, and becomes light, being placed in the petals of four delicious orchids.”

All of the jewelry produced by manual labor in the designer's historic workshop in Suriçi, the oldest district of Istanbul, acquires a unique personality and spirit with the skillful touches of local artisans. The jewelry bottle design, whose bronze cast base is covered with 24-carat gold, also makes the brand's commitment to traditional methods visible once again with a great aesthetic, with about 6,500 precious stones carefully placed individually on its surface.

Decked out by Guerlain, which is special to Begum Khan's unique bottle design, the fragrance evokes a sunny day spent among the lush greenery of the Mediterranean. ‘Eau de parfum’, which opens with vivid notes of fresh tangerine and bergamot, focuses on the spacious and sweet smell of fig leaves and fruits, built on a woody base consisting of a mixture of sandalwood and cedar trees. 

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