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Beauty report from Istanbul Fashion Week

Although sharp lines are avoided in the appearance of nihan peker woman with her striking elegance, the lead is the eyes and cheekbones that are accentuated by soft focus effect using bronze tones. Nars Laguna Bronzing Powder was used as bronzer and Hopi Velvet Gloss lip liner was used on the lips.

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The graphic make-up, which featured eyeliner designed for the Özlem Suer fashion show, added bright touches to the eye springs to accentuate Suer's romantic posture, while contouring with bronzers on the cheeks and highlighting her cheekbones.

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The eyes were given a slight glow in the looks, which were adopted in a lean style to reflect the power of the woman's natural beauty, while the lips, animated by warm colors, were accompanied by cheeks with light pinkness. Nars Niagara Satin was preferred as lipstick, while a glittering foundation was used on the complex.

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With a modernized interpretation of the Baroque period, which was the main inspiration in Cigdem Akin's collection, a magnificent look was created by adding contrasting shadows to the golden glows in the eyes. The main source of the radiance on the complex is the Copacabana illuminator and paloma contour blush...

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At the DB Berdan fashion show, makeup was entrusted to Hakan Kültür and his team. Make-up done with Nars Cosmetics products; She created face polished with dramatic lashes, glossy and flamboyant lips and gloss to remind us all of the indispensable trends of the 2000s

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