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BB and CC creams don't confuse your mind

Estee Lauder's rich antioxidant content and broad-spectrum SPF 35 sun-ray protection structure contribute to women's search for flawless skin. We think that if you have particularly sensitive skin with a light texture, you can use it without problems. Since it has a oil-free moisturizer in its content, the sealing feature is quite light compared to heavy concealers with foundation consistency.

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Mac Prep + Prime BB Beauty Balm is dense but very light, which can be easily used even for those with sensitive or oily skin because it does not contain perfumes. It has the ability to gain intense moisture in order to prevent the skin from appearing lifeless during the day. We can say that he is an expert in closing skin blemishes and reviving pale skin and giving it a healthy appearance.


Air pollution, sun rays, stress, water pollution, sigar smoke and insomnia are the city elements that affect the skin the most; That's why Lancôme came into our lives with City Miracle CC Cream, which protects women's skin against the city. City Miracle, which has a concealer like foundation, also moisturizes the skin and protects the skin against the sun's rays with the SPF 50 sun protection factor.

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The lightweight-formula Clinique Superdefense CC Cream SPF 30 provides a natural and radiant look, providing an instant vibrant skin tone, giving moisture to the skin. Superdefense CC Cream, which maintains its long-lasting skin, remains among the CC creams that are very successful in equalizing skin tone. Its water-linking ingredients, such as Trehalose and Sorbitol, continue to protect the skin even in environments with varying humidity.


Made for sensitive and red-prone skin, Rosaliac CC provides instant concealer. Rosaliac CC Cream, which you can use instead of foundation in the daily skin care routine, does not leave a feeling that gives weight to the skin with its light texture.

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Bb It's not wrong to say we know the cream fury a little bit because of him. Garnier BB Cream, which we are used to seeing everywhere, is a must for daily makeup. Garnier, which offers a choice of colors suitable for different skin tones, also acts as a very successful moisturizer. Perhaps the most indispensable feature of ensuring the permanence of makeup throughout the day without lubricating the skin...

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The under-eye area is the first region that gives away the age of the skin. If you need a good concealer as well as a good moisturizer around your eyes, Physicians Formula comes to your aid. The Super BB cream, formulated for detention and its surroundings, gives moisture to your eye area throughout the day, while putting an end to detention problems as an excellent concealer.

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Nude Look BB Cream, the newest member of the Givenchy Hydra Sparkling series that adds a new dimension to skin care, gives the skin a glow when applied with its formulation called "Bukelamun". Givenchy BB Cream, which can be used by any skin type, protects the skin against UVA and UVB rays and helps prevent skin aging and matte appearance.

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Combining the moisturizing and protective properties of skin care, Dior Hydra Life BB Cream acts as both a care and a finely textured foundation.  The fine and illuminating particles in it give shine to the skin. The new generation formula consisting of iron oxide and titanium removes skin defects, allowing the skin to tighten.

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Biotherm Aquasource gave CC creams a different dimension in 2014. She created aquasource CC Gel, the first color editor and moisturiser that doesn't need to cover the skin. This moisturizer, which hides the defects in the skin and integrates with the skin without losing its effect for 48 hours, creates a new sun-drenished skin effect. Biotherm Aquasource CC Gel gives a natural and vibrant appearance that gives the effect of sunlight.

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