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Basketball collection in sauce from adidas and McDonald's: “Sauce Pack”

In the collection, harden vol. 4, DAME 6 and TMAC 1 combine McDonald's sauces. HARDEN VOL inspired by garlic pepper sauce packaging. 4, has a vibrant purple and orange tint. Highlights of the famous basketball player include "a step back," "deep 3 ball," "crazy handles" and "super ball handling," referring to James Harden.

Highlighting the game's diody as a good and bad boy by hoop master Damian Lillard with his hole-free shots, the DAME 6, which integrates with sweet-sour sauce, has a design that resembles a classic sauce packaging. The keywords of an exploding orange patterned frapan green shoe are "clutch gene", "wrist-tap", "layup package" and, of course, long-distance trilogy due to the wristband lillard wears constantly.

Featuring details adorned with metallic gold tops and red belts from the outsole to the top, the TMAC 1 salutes the iconic Big Mac sauce. The outer heel section of the shoe has terms that refer to Tracy McGrady under the heading TMAC Sauce. "Fearless", "bouncy" (live), "fade away jumper" (player who can shoot backwards), long-distance three and "post-game" (endgame).

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