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Bashaques' 2016-17 Fall-Winter

The singularity and unique character of Antoni Gaudi's works, which cannot be imitated, came to life in hand-woven and hand-painted pieces in the collection created within the framework of slow fashion. In the fashion world, where the terms of uniqueness and uniqueness are avoided, Bashaques has created an artistic collection of individual and unique pieces. Cankeş, who installed a work of art feature on the garment, also designed the patterns of the dresses that Fırat Neziroglu stitched in accordance with the purpose of uniqueness and uniqueness.

The collection promises a rich aesthetic pleasure with hand-knitted, embroidery details, weavings and leather cuts, each of which will not go into manual labor and mass production. Virgo Cankeş brings a new strategy to its business model for the first time in this collection and aims to sell its designs, which it positions as works of art, on platforms such as art galleries and auctions.

The designer, who prepares all the catwalk decoration in his workshop at home, also makes the following comment for the rich artistic woven dresses that Fırat Neziroglu has added to his collection; "Inspired by gaudi's colors and forms, I wanted to carry the impersonable feature of the buildings he built into my clothes, and my dear Fırat Neziroglu made unique and single dresses by weaving only without allowing me to use fabric in any piece of clothing I drew. We're not the only ones who believe that wearable art is artistic oppression. "

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