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Baby room decoration guide

First, we have long broken the stereotype that you should use shades of pink for a girl and blue for a boy. Now we can decorate baby rooms with sexless colors and make them suitable for both girls and boys.  For example, you can use lime Yesil, salmon, light beige and earth tones with white very comfortably. Although you say what color wood furniture should be used on lime-colored walls, I suggest you choose light shades or white. If you prefer earth tones, my preference would be a completely white furniture. I prefer grey lacquered furniture in powder-salmon shades. In this way, you can get a much more peaceful and calm environment for your baby.

According to your furniture color preferences, you can choose cabinet doors as blinds or slats. These apps will make your baby room more cute. For example, if you have a room where you practice a more American Country style, you can choose slats on the lids. I recommend using slat, especially on furniture that you choose in shades of gray. 

To create more decorative areas, you can choose to apply wallpaper on a wall that will not harm baby health. From sites with ready-made and high-resolution images, you can select images that match your decoration and colors of your choice and print them as wallpaper. In this regard, especially boutique working wallpaper manufacturers will help you. 

In curtain and carpet selections, you can choose from anti-allergic, lint-free products according to your general colors and decking elements you use. For example, you can support your decoration by selecting a sunshade in Yesil shades in your room, and selecting a carpet or rug in colors and patterns that contain these shades.

If you are at a point where you want to highlight your crib and lighting, I suggest you choose your furniture more calmly. By choosing the cradle and lighting duo in tone-surton colors, you can make them more dominant in the room.

As long as you pay attention to these points, I have no doubt that you can get the pleasant, peaceful and most beautiful decoration for you that you want in the baby room. I wish you to accumulate pleasant memories with your baby in the room you will already prepare.

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