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Autumn trends 2016 with Pandora

Bohemian romantics

Sloppy blouses, casual tunic dresses and fringed jackets are a 70s breeze this season. Pandora's Pandora Rose collection combines pink tones and combines classic designs with warm and romantic pink colors. Classic Pandora creations such as the brand's "Signature" series, which includes the much-loved "Glitter Feather" series with its "Delicate Emotions" collection of stony romantic bows, as well as circular designs adorned with glittering stones, have been reinterpreted for "Pandora Rose".

Asymmetric earrings for vintage lovers

This year's trend pattern stars and metallic colors that best suit the winter and add vitality are common in Pandora's Autumn/Winter collection. The autumn collection shines like the unique autumn sun with the theme of dew droplets. We are also sure that asymmetrical cut earrings will steal the hearts of especially vintage lovers with their embroidery.

For those who want to accumulate autumn memories

We often find floral and lace details in the pieces that will bring this season to the heights of romance. Unruly romantics who want to carry every moment with them are accompanied by "Petite Memories" medallions inspired by Victorian jewellery in these combinations. Medallions consist of tiny sparkling objects floating in a pure silver ring with a durable mineral or sapphire glass exterior. You can carry unique memories with you forever with mini symbols in the "Petite Memories" series, a meaningful and unique gift alternative for personalized jewelry enthusiasts.

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