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Autumn recommendations for healthy and youthful skin

It's important to clean the skin regularly to keep it alive. Always cleanse your skin daily before bedtime. In addition, the skin needs professional cleansing in certain periods. Smart Peeling (PQAge Evolution Plus) treatments with neutralized acids enriched with growth factors are ideal for skin surface cleansing. In addition to skin cleansing, the application is also preferred because it has a lifting, regeneration, PRP-like and cosmetic makeup effect on the skin.

Pure DNA injection is another recommended application for skin cleansing. By imprisoning free radicals, it instantly acts as a "cleansing antioxidant", providing a clean and shiny appearance on the skin.

Providing the necessary moisture to the skin is another element that should be taken care of in terms of maintaining the skin's health and not aging. After cleaning the skin, moisturize it daily. We need to nourish our skin both from the outside and under the skin. Here we come across the youth vaccine 'Upgrade' applied under the skin. It's an application that provides subcutaneous hydration. Its content consists of linear hyaluronikasit, glycerol, peptides, amino acids, vitamins, antioxidant substances. Thanks to this large cocktail content, it creates the moist and substance-rich environment that cells need and ensures that the skin has a natural, moist, bright and wrinkle-free appearance.

Another recommended subcutaneous application for skin moisturization is Pure DNA Glow injection. Nucleofill injections simultaneously trigger the moistsing, feeding and collagen production of the under-skin. Thanks to its molecular structure, it performs intense water retention, the effect of "electrostatics" gives tissues cellular health through deep moisturization.

Both our body and our skin need water, water is the building block of our body. Be careful to drink 2-3 liters of water per day.

Excessive exposure to the sun's rays is one of the biggest culprits in aging effects. Sun exposure leads to damage to elastin fibers over time. Elastin loses skin elasticity as a result of fiber loss and sags. In addition, bruising and wounds take longer to heal. But these effects occur not when you are young, but as you get older. The sun's rays; it has a role in the increase of wrinkles, the increase of blemishes, even the formation of skin cancers. For this reason, it is necessary to allow the skin to repair itself without perpetuateing sun exposure. It is especially important to use sunscreen with at least 50 factors in the head and neck area.

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Collagen, one of the building blocks of our body, begins to decrease after the age of 20. This results in an unhealthy appearance on the skin, aging, wrinkles. Supplement the collagen lost by the skin with various products and applications. In addition to drinkable collagen supplements, subcutaneous applications also support collagen production. One of them, Nucleofill, stimulates the cells in the skin, allowing us to produce our own collagen and giving vitality to the skin.

Especially probiotics, antioxidant vitamins and some minerals have effects on the protection of the skin's immune system, wound healing and the creation of collagen.

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One of the important elements for a healthy skin appearance is that your skin has an equal color. Applications that ensure color equality on the skin can be used. White In injection has a strong formula that corrects skin defects caused by skin discoloration and hyperchromatism, thanks to its Arbutin and Glutathione-based content. White In can be applied 3-4 sessions alone or it can be preferred as a combination.

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