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Astrology festival in Istanbul

At Astrofun Fest in Uniq Istanbul, many topics such as the issues waiting for the zodiac signs, whether it is possible to live in the right city with astrology, how do you affect the person you love according to your sign, career planning in children will be discussed.

During the day, you can participate in seminars, workshops and interviews, have fun in the astro museum and astro library, and get astro gifts for your loved ones and yourself at the stands of many brands, from home decoration to personal care before the defeat.

Featuring dozens of astrologers such as Dinçer Güner, Aleksandar Imsiragic, Binnur Zaimler, Lea Imsiragic, this festival has everything you need to know about astrology, such as star-studding screens and towering horoscope kiosks. Admission is free for anyone interested in astrology, but seminars are 50-150TL, workshops 200-300-500TL, face-to-face consultation sessions 100TL. Tickets are sold through the Tixbox site and the Tixbox toll booths on Uniq.

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