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Astrological recommendations for the autumn months

"This period is the time to store information about the areas we are interested in, to share information, to be in group activities, to do research on the areas we love and wonder about," said Astrologer Kenan Yasin Bölbaşı, who answered questions about what to do and what activities to be directed to.

We survived Equinox Day on September 21st, when shadow and light reconciled. This cycle is the most important time of year when light and darkness are equalized and balanced. In this process, masculine and feminine characteristics, Yin and Yang become compatible.

"Libra" describes this harmony and balance. When we look at the symbol glyph of the sign, we can compare the round shape to the Sun and the underline to the skyline. It seems that the Sun, our main source of light and our star, is descending and setting on the horizon in the libra symbol.

It means that the light will rise inside, illuminating the dark side. Since the ages, esoteric ancient scholars have told us that the months between March and September are related to material, zahiri and external goals and actions. They noted that the times when power prevailed in the physical and external realm were in this range.

Now, our light source, our star, our sun, has begun a new six-month adventure as of September 21st. Now external activities become internal actions and harmonization between internal and external. December 24th, when the darkness will be fully dominated, will be the shortest day of the year. Until then, we will feed the inside, take responsibilities, return inward and prepare for the death of nature.

The death of nature is an important cycle for rebirth. Just as the leaves turn yellow, fall, and become manure in the soil; Instead of shining again in these times, it is necessary to manage to return inward to gather our own strength until we shine again.

Illuminate your Sun inside you in the process. Try to decorate yourself inside. Buy new books, participate in new tutorials. Intend to improve yourself for new adventures.

Venus is a planet of pleasure, passion and pleasure. But life cannot be sustained with pleasure, passion and pleasure. Life opens its doors for those who have access to knowledge. Knowledge is superior to everything else. To know, learn and explore, we need to activate the air element bushings. These are the ones that are going to Gemini are libra and aquarius. In this period, Venus, the planet of pleasure, passion and pleasure; it is directed towards the sign of the air, which is the element of knowledge, research and awareness, namely Libra. The time of scales under Venus advises us to enjoy and enjoy ourselves in order to direct us to knowledge, research and awareness. This period is the time to store information about the areas we are interested in, to share information, to be in group activities, to do research on the areas we love and wonder about. If Venus means to decorate, it's not out of time, it's important to decorate the inside, the sky tells us.

It is our most important duty at this time to make sacrifices in love, to give rights to the other side, to perceive the responsibilities that come with being right.

Astrologer Kenan Yasin Company Head (ASA Dip. ISAR Cap. MAPAI, OPA Member)

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