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Astrologer Dolunay Karaca answered your questions

JASMINE FERTILE: Rising zodiac Capricorn, Crab of your own sign, Capricorn of the moon sign. You asked a general question about everything. Let's start with love, the person who knows you, you're indomtable, you're addictive. You'll have a very good chance in married life, you'll be loved and loved. You have a traditional and organising structure for work and career, you want to be the boss of your own business, it will be late but it will be nice.

ÖZGE ÖZKAN: Rising horoscope Koç, your own sign Libra, your moon sign Capricorn. I was asked about work and career. When you're with someone, you dedive yourself to them, and you have to wait a little longer to get to a good place in your business life. In 2 years, you'll be anywhere you want to be. You have a high level of leadership, but sometimes you have to put it in the background, it's essential for your business to work more comfortably.

SEDA ÇOLAK: Rising horoscope Aquarius, your own sign Virgo, your moon sign Libra. Love and work were asked. There's a sudden change in your career, it could be a promotion, like someone from your workplace has left your job and you're going to take over, or it could be switching to something else entirely. If you're in a union about love right now, it's the end, there's someone new.

NESLIHAN ATAMÜLKER: Rising horoscope Taurus, Moon sign Bull, capricorn of your own sign. Asked about love? But there's work for you. You are someone with very special abilities, you can create your own luck, if you are someone who likes to travel but cannot travel due to some restrictive situations and is constantly with strangers, then yes, you are actually surrounded by crowds but marriage or love draws you to the bottom you must be career and business oriented.

RABİA CAN: Rising horoscope Taurus, your own sign Sagittarius, Your Moon sign Capricorn. I was asked about the job. It's going to be much better next year, prepare this year, take care of the work you have, it seems to you that it's like running not one but two jobs together. A job won't be enough for you, or nothing will come, and when it does, there's a lot of it coming, you have this situation.

MAGNOLIA INFORMATION: Rising horoscope Taurus, your own sign Taurus, your moon sign Capricorn. I was asked about the job. I think it's going to happen in the middle of the summer when you don't expect it. Maybe you'll be out of town and suddenly you'll have to come back.

HALİmE KARADİrEK: Your sign virgo, rising horoscope Lion, your moon sign Libra. You asked in general? Yes, last year Jupiter was the planet of chance virgo and did not meet many expectations because Jupiter virgo was not in a sign that he was very comfortable with. This year has moved to Libra and your moon sign is Libra and somehow a more comfortable year for you. Marriage doesn't work for you, but you're happier alone with yourself.

AYSEGUL DAYTIME: Rising zodiac Crab, your own sign Scorpio, your moon sign Virgo. You asked about love and family. You may have experienced a breakup or pain in love, this will be repaired or you may have reconciled with an old relationship. He's a bit jealous, but if he's telling himself right, it's inevitable that you'll reconcile. Family problems are getting better.

SEA BLACKDELEN: Rising zodiac Libra, your own sign Gemini and Your Moon sign Aquarius. You have a good education or you can express yourself well. You asked for work and careers. Jupiter in Libra this year. I don't think there's any way you're not getting a job. Your chances of success in places such as visual arts, communication, human resources can increase.

JASMINE URKAYA: Rising zodiac Aquarius, Crab of your own sign, Crab of the Moon sign. You asked for work and love. First of all, you should never work alone on business matters, you should always be in a partnership. And you can be the boss of your own business in the future, you have to make sure it's a joint business again. I want to make your career and your foreground very clear. In matters of love, someone you'll meet on trips or someone from a remote place from the road can conquer your heart.

ORIGINAL BREWER: Rising zodiac Sagittarius, your own sign Crab, Moon sign Scorpio. When was I asked when I was going to lose weight? You have a structure that likes to eat, jupiter is in crab sign. So you can be a casual person who doesn't like to move a lot, who eats all the time in front of the TV at home. Are you thinking of surgery? I thought I saw it that way. But whether you operate or try some other way, you'll succeed. Devote yourself to food in a crisis of emotion.

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