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Aromatherapy recommendations to create a romantic atmosphere

The language of smells is like the language of symbols. Smells also have a mechanism that serves to open and process new records in our brain for our memories that combine with the situations we live in, the emotions we feel. In our limbic system, the hippocampus receives information from our five senses and transmits it to the amygdala to process it in the event of a threat. It distributes other needs to the cerebral cortex. But from the five senses, we can say that the processing center of the sense of smell is more effective because it is closer to this area of the brain.

Sometimes the smell of flowers that come when we pass through the street leads us to a summer evening in our childhood, sometimes we go to a memory where the blanket is wrapped and the snow descends to the Earth like a feather outside, with winter tea with cinnamon, cloves or hot chocolate... And the smell of them comes into our nose. 

The fact that the fracans of essential oils are high allows us to go to those memories and feel the feeling at that moment. For this reason, we use the smells of essential oils to calm down in our lives, relieve anxiety and anxiety, concentrate, increase our energy and motivation. 

What if it comes to love? Can we then use essential oils that we call the spirit of plants? Of course we could use. We can prepare our soul for love with the essential oils that aphrodisiac effective plants offer us, which we will share in more detail below. We can increase our libido by feeling aphrodisiac effects in our body. 

Here is the most important detail; when we use aphrodisiac essential oils, we affect our own libido. Raising this low energy is no different from expanding our shrinking energy field. The oils that we will share here do not attract us by affecting the opposite side, they adapt our frequency, our body vibration to the vibration of love.

Ylang ylang has the power to throw checkers at the shoe of many flowers with the title of flower of flowers. It adorns the homes of newlywed couples in Madagascar with its yellow flowers. Its origin is The Reunion Islands, Comoros and Madagascar. It is an antidepressant and sedative as good as an aphrodisiac effect. A drop on the chest with a carrier oil (jojoba, almond, sesame, cantaron, karite, etc.) it is very effective to smell Censer during the day. It has a warm, exotic, sugary, and emotional smell. Citrus can also be enjoyed with blends of lavender, sage, Itir and Jasmine. As a beautiful scent of love for feminine energy, a mixture of ylang ylang, patchouli and cedar is worth trying. For masculine energy, a mixture of Yesil tangerine and sandalwood can be used.

The Rose is a magnificent plant that has always been a source of transcendental expression in many ancient texts, in many civilizations. Essential oil is a very special flower that has the highest frequency in this product line with 320 MHz, which Ibn Sina says “there is nothing that the Rose cannot cure”. By distilling pink petaled flowers known as Rosa Damascus, we get one of the most important essential oils that we use to balance the heart chakra, giving our body rhythm, strengthening the beat of our heart, ensuring our quality of life. The most powerful essential oil is rose again when we say romance, just as it laughs when we first think of love and aphrodisiac. It relieves our anxiety and gives us peace. Out of 4 tons of rose petals comes 1 liter of rose essential oil. Although its production is quite difficult, its effects are just as strong. The mixture with ylang ylang, Itir, lavender, jasmine essential oils is compatible. It is also very effective to smell censer and mix it with a carrier oil and use it. 

The main place where it grows is Asian territory and extends to Iran, cashmere and China. It means Persian, and it means God's gift. June September is the flowering season of jasmine. For this reason, it also has a smell that reminds us of writing. From about 1 ton of flowers, we can get volatile yap, such as 1 kg. It is also one of the most preferred fragrances, especially in many perfumes. It is an essential oil that gives calmness to our body, is good for depression, reduces anxiety, has been used since ancient times in the regulation of menstruation in women. It is also used extensively for low sexual desire and insomnia. Jasmine has the effects of changing our body's response to stress and our body temperature. We can use it as a perfume by mixing it with jojoba base oil to get its unique smell clearer, or we can choose this mixture in our massage oil. We can use it in censers or diffusers through smell or in our bathrooms. Jasmine can also be used by mixing it with Cedar, clove, Itir, Lavender, Green Mandarin, Patchouli and Yesilang Ylang. 

Madagascar origin of the plant is most known for its use in our kitchens. Its smell has an appetizing property. It is an exotic essential oil and has refreshing, morale-boosting and aphrodisiac properties. It is a plant in the orchid class. In addition to the oils that we consider at the beginning, vanilla has a different feature. It has a sweet and warm smell that makes you feel safe. It makes you feel like you're being hugged and hugged by someone you love and trust very much. For this reason, it is one of the fragrances that increases sexual energy and increases confidence. 

If we are going to use all these valuable essential oils, whether by sniffing them or as massage oil for our body (except the face), we can definitely use them by diluting them with a base oil of 2%.. 

With the intention that the strongest state of love flows in our lives and the beautiful frequencies of essential oils always come to us well… 

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