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Aromatherapy recommendations that boost the energy of your home

We are going through a big change from our eating habits, from the soap we use to the cleaning of the house, where we are starting to understand the importance of switching to natural, chemical-free in all aspects of life. 

Let's talk about aromatherapic ways to bring spring to our home. ‘Aromatherapy’ if we start with what it is, aromatherapy aims to balance the 'soul, body and mind' through fragrant oils obtained by various methods from parts of plants, such as flowers, shells, roots, stems, seeds, seeds, leaves, and sometimes all of them, and is the purest, most practical and most fun way to add what is natural to our lives.


In the spring aromatherapy to boost your home's energy references: 

•    Smoking the House: At least once a week, you can smoke your house, all rooms, corners, damp areas that are stuck in the dark, if any, with sap sage and burn it by adding daily and decency next to Sage in between. This October will make it even more effective, creating synergistic effect.  If you want to get more practical, you can also mix daily and sage essential oils with water and alcohol and spray them into the environment.

•    Yellow Cantaron flower: It is always good to keep it alive in season and then dried yellow Cantaron flower in a vase or by hanging it at home, especially close to the entrance door of the House.

•    Lavender: Airing your bedroom, shaking off your sheets and smelling them with bedsheet spray prepared with lavender essential oil is great for both calmness, relaxation and preparation for sleep. I can also recommend a spray prepared with palmarosa essential oil if you are allergic to pollen and mites.

•    Vinegar: Wiping your glass and mirrors with natural fermentation vinegar helps to clean both household energies and items in the easiest way.

•    Plant oils: In order to increase the abundance of the house, it is effective to create a space here by putting water in your favorite corner in the house, in a crystal bowl, and dripping it in from oils that are believed to increase this energy from the past to the present. Daily, myrrh, orange, cinnamon, patchouli, vetiver, clove, ginger, spruce are my favorite of the plant essence oils that are believed to increase this energy...

•    Candles: It is very harmful to use and breathe candles, bamboo stick fragrants, incense containing perfume essence. Although these are not in use, they damage us by creating a cocktail effect when we breathe permanently. You can also make natural candles yourself... 

Natural candle recipe: 


* 50g wax
* 50 ml of olive oil
* 30 drops of lavender essential oil
* 30 drops of Lemonade Essential Oil

Its making:

Melt the wax and olive oil in the benmari style, when the temperature drops to 30 degrees
by adding essential oils, you have pre-placed the wick in it
pour into the jar, and leave to cool.

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