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Aromatherapy oils that give joy

With the arrival of spring, the joy and happiness within us multiply. We are in a period when the soil is planted, so we need high energy. We plant our seeds before summer so we can harvest by autumn. Man is in great harmony with nature. As nature blooms, our inner energy also increases. Although we can not experience this very well due to the pandemic, essential oils are always with us for this. 

This time, I wanted to talk about the oils that give us joy, happiness and energy.  What can we benefit from when we are at the computer, studying, or doing things that need to be overly focused, while increasing our falling motivation? Distraction, focus, quick completion of prolonged work can make it easier? Citrus fruits are our must for such situations. 

Let's meet “orange”, “tangerine”, “grapefruit” and “lemon”, which are the first to be ranked in aromatherapy oils that give joy and happiness.

It is a fruit that we all know best and grows in abundance in our country. Origin is Israel, Italy, Spain and USA. Essential oil is obtained by pressing the outer shells. As soon as you cut the orange peel, the molecules that give it its benefit and smell will start to spread into the air as small particles from the small vesicles outside. Here, the extract of the plant is obtained from these vesicles by cold press method. Although we can also obtain essential oil by distillation method, our most preferred and longest lasting one is essential oil extracted by cold press method.  It affects our nervous system, our psychic emotional structure, and our digestive system. Even just sniffing the body in the signs of stress, depression, insomnia, anxiety, agitation and fatigue will soon provide calmness, joy and motivation. It is among the oils that decontaminate anxiety in a psychological sense. It both gives peace and revives our soul. Its use in massage oils has a harmonizing effect on bodily activities. Orange peel contains limonene, which is a good natural cleansing component. For this reason, especially in our dishwashers, we can use our orange essential oil by putting 3-4 drops in the detergent eye to remove bad odors. 

Especially Bodrum is a very valuable fruit that we identify with, even its smell takes us somewhere as soon as we get our hands on it. He is of Italian and Argentine descent. We get its essential oil by cold pressing from its orange-like Peel. Citrus against the sun is our most preferred essential oil in applications that are not photoseptic in the group, so we dilute it with a base oil and apply it to the skin. Even for this reason, our company's Cologne preference was in favor of Tangerine instead of lemon. This beautiful essential oil, consisting of monoterpene and lemonade, revives our soul. Anxiety-relieving and antidepressant effects are present. It is used as a top note in many perfumes. It can also be preferred as a libido enhancer for men. It is suitable to mix with oils such as Sage, Itir, other citrus fruits, lavender, Ylang Ylang, Palmarosa, myrrh. Tangerine essential oil, which is effective in stress-related blood pressure, is also an essential oil that we use for cellulite and acne problems in the body by diluting it with base oil. 

Its origin is Israel, South Africa and the United States. Like other citrus fruits, its essential oil is obtained by cold squeezing method. It is an essential oil containing mainly limonene. It's an antioxidant as well as an antidepressant. It relieves anxiety. Effective in lymph. It is used as a massage oil by mixing it with a base oil together with rosemary in cellulite care. Beautiful mixtures can be created with juniper, Mint, other citrus fruits and essential oil of Jasmine, Itir, Palmarosa. It cleans the Air, provides detoxification. And it regulates our energy. 

Its territory is Italy, USA, Argentina, Sicily and Cyprus. It is a photoseptic essential oil. We often use it because of its antibacterial effects. It is a good cleaner with carbonate when polishing our silver. We can use it again in our washing machines and dishwashers. It is an antioxidant and is among the anxiety-decaying oils. Like all the citrus fruits we count in this episode, it gives life to our soul. It makes you feel joy and happiness. It has a fresher smell than others. It can be used as massage oil by mixing with base oil in varicose areas. It is highly effective in simple headaches, general feelings of fatigue, problems with focus. 

To smell all these essential oils that we count by burning in censers before the studies that require intense concentration, to work by smelling the environment by applying them on the scent emitters, to use them in periods of intense stress, anxious and anxious moments will help balance energy in the body and ensure that our feelings such as joy / happiness stand out from our feelings such as anxiety/anxiety. 

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