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Armed robbery in hotel room

Kim Kardashian, who has been in Paris, France, to follow fashion week for some time, was raided by armed thieves in the luxury apartment where she was staying.

The masked thieves, who first handcuffed and disarmed the building's security guard, then went to Kim Kardashian's room. At the door, thieves identifying themselves as policemen locked Kardashian in the bathroom, threatening her with a gun.

The thieves fled the scene, stealing two mobile phones and $11 million worth of jewelry from the room. Kardashian's press secretary said, "Kim was very shaken by the incident, but physically unharmed."

A few hours earlier, Kim Kardashian had been spotted at the Givenchy fashion show.


Kardashian's husband Kanye West, who received the news of the armed robbery while on stage in New York, left the stage after interrupting his concert.

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