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Are you ready to face the digital world?

The digital world has become an area that engages us, our brains, every moment, every minute, when we think we can no longer live without it. We also could not stop ourselves from getting carried away, quickly adapting to these environments that appeal to different purposes. Let me take a look at Twitter, and we started spending hours in this world without realizing who shared what on Instagram. 

It's time to face the sub-identities
Ayşegül Bulut Atalay, who thinks that it is time to face this world, goes out of the digital world with his digital wise book and sheds light on what is happening from afar. By allowing everyone to face their sub-identities, which they have forgotten or unwittingly ignored behind their digital identities, the author aims to raise awareness of dealing with the digital wise and the new digital order. Those who read the digital wise book will learn new things about this world, and re-question what they think they know. 

Google elder wise, Facebook flagship
From what the digital world is, to the histories of social media, from addiction to Lynch and stalk culture, from digital detective to digital detox, many topics are discussed in depth. Digital Bilge also refers to the most widely used platforms in the world, with Google being the elder wise, Facebook being the flagship, Youtube being the hyparactive child, Twitter being the idea man and Instagram being described as the social traveler. 

"The digital world is not us, we must use this world correctly and on the spot”
"We need to be able to use what this world brings right, not us. In digital bilge, we see the points that we need to pay attention to,” Atalay said, asking readers to think about their own adventures on individual social media platforms when reading the book. Is your real character, the person you think you are, and the person everyone believes you are the same? How different are they? What are the reasons behind this difference? Atalay, who stated that after reading digital Bilge, the answers to all these questions will be learned, says that perhaps you will find someone you have never known, and adds: “This is exactly the purpose of this book, a confrontation with the digital world.”

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