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Are you ready for aesthetic operation?

1) What do you expect from this surgery?

An aesthetic operation is performed to make you better within the framework of your existing features. But no aesthetic operation promises perfection. We can list examples such as a better-looking nose, a younger face, a more vibrant eye area. Each patient must compare the result of the operation with his or her own pre-operation. Comparing the result of someone else with the patient himself with the fact that each operation performed is different does not give a healthy assessment. 

'How much do you look like the person you imagined?'it's worth asking yourself the question. In this way, you can compare the change you expect not at a single point, but in the harmony of all the organs on the face with each other. 

Your expectation of surgery clearly sharing with your doctor and evaluating the surgical availability of these requests are very important details for the patient at the decision-making stage. 


2) realistic expectations

Unrealistic expectations that are not based on logic do not satisfy the patient, regardless of the outcome. Remember, neither how capable your doctor is nor your imagination, only and only ‘’anatomical’’ your infrastructure determines the result you will get. Therefore, you should know that the limit of your aesthetic demand and ability to change is actually you. A person is a fabric inside and out, and a good dress comes out of a good fabric. You should not expect the same dress from every fabric. 

If a person plans to live a much happier life after Aesthetic Surgery, you should know that no aesthetic surgery promises happiness to the person. Being happy is not about what a person has, but about the way they handle life. Just as there are people who are still grateful with great happiness when they are in really great difficulties today, we should know that there are people who are still unhappy in themselves when they have countless advantages. 


3) information flow

Your expectations, what you don't want to happen, your concerns, and your psychological readiness for surgery are evaluated by your doctor. In this evaluation process, the flow of information between the patient and the physician is decidedly important. Providing this flow of information from anonymous articles on the internet causes patients to be filled with erroneous information that will affect their correct decision making and perhaps lay the groundwork for making choices that they may later regret. For this reason, do not agree with any article on the internet where the name of its author is unclear, for example, forum sites are the places where most misinformation and confidential commercial routing are located. 

Currently, the internet is actually like a live bomb at our disposal, where our speed of access to information is getting shorter every second. Make sure that the articles you read on the internet are published in a reliable source. Instead of spending hours or days here to avoid drowning in information pollution, a half-hour examination face-to-face with a specialist doctor you trust will be much more efficient. Remember, time is the most precious treasure. 

Because while there is general information written for everyone on the internet, you can get information only for you, especially for your situation, in one-to-one examinations. 

It may not always be possible to contact your doctor during the process. For this reason, at the decision stage, you should definitely find out who you will be in contact with for your organization, CARE, medical conditions or control appointments and create your information flow network. You should make sure that your doctor has a good team to support you. 


4) Doctor reference 

Although it is not clearly stated, many patients at the decision-making stage expect their doctor to convince them to perform surgery during the examination. Aesthetic operations are not mandatory operations. A person can continue his life with an aesthetic image disorder that he has. For this reason, I have no patients I don't find it ethical to recommend surgery aesthetically. 

Instead of influencing the patient in the decision-making process, I find it more ethical and morally correct to pass on the right and wrong to him, to inform him about the risks of surgery, and to convey to him the limits of the possibility of surgical change. 

At the stage of deciding on aesthetic operations, you should definitely learn about your doctor's references, training, experience and surgical methods that he has used, and you should follow this path with a doctor with whom you are in good communication. 

I also think it is a justified demand that you ask the doctor who will perform plastic surgery to show you the results of the surgery that you have done before. ’ The liturgy is a work of Man, the word is not looked at " is a proverb spoken for this purpose. 


5) be ready, knowing that there may be problems

You've decided to go along with a doctor you trust in the process of Aesthetic Surgery... but do you know that there's always a chance that something might go wrong? 

I know that this title sounds scary to you at first. But when decoupling during the aesthetic operation process, there should be such a safe relationship between the doctor and the patient that the patient should be ready for this path, knowing that there may be problems. Because even if you are never told about these problems, remember that these facts happen to someone somewhere in the world. It is a professional ethic to inform you of all complications and misfortunes, even if the probability of them happening is very low.  

With the advanced surgical techniques that we use today, we now perform operations at a very advanced level and as Turkish physicians, we collect the praise of the whole world. Although our success is high, patients should not always forget that there is a low risk, but they should always focus on the positive. 

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