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Are you marrying the right person?

Awareness is the most important way that people can determine their wishes, needs and expectations in connection with it. And it all starts in Oz. Is the answer to these questions clear both for ourselves and for the person we are going to marry:

  • Do I really want this marriage? 
  • Why do I need to get married? 
  • What do I expect from marriage? 
  • Can I imagine 5 years from our marriage? 

The answer to these questions can always change in living structures such as relationships. At least in the period before marriage, there should be average answers in your mind about these questions. 

Your spouse's relationship with his or her family can give important clues about the family you will establish with him or her in the future. It is important to know about his relationships with his family and his expectations of his family after marriage, and to be open about it. 

  • How is your partner's relationship with his or her own family? Are they too close or distant? 
  • Are there any areas of contention? 
  • How much time does he want you to spend with his family after he gets married? Live with them? What are the expectations of you on this issue on special occasions and holidays? 
  • Are your families compatible? 

This information is quite important, because the experiences we have in our own family can resurface in marriage. 

One of the main reasons behind divorces is the relationship of our partners with their families, while the other is about financial issues and their management in marriage. If this has not been raised with your partner by now, be sure to have a conversation about money management before marriage. Share your thoughts and what you can do about you and the assets you have, needs and savings in the marriage process. 

  • Is your partner frugal or wasteful? 
  • How will you share financial responsibilities? (Rent, special expenses, payments, etc.)) 
  • How important is material wealth to you, and does your partner meet this expectation? 
  • How do you plan to cover big expenses, such as buying a car, buying a house, or (if you want to have children) your children's school expenses?

As with all relationships, there is an unchanging truth to romantic relationships: you can have bickering, challenging times, and fights with your partner. The fact that your partner is a compassionate person means that your relationship is sensitive to difficult times or challenging situations that you experience and can take action to alleviate this strain. 

  • How does he behave in debates? Angry? Any violent tendencies? Is he upset? How does he calm himself down? 
  • Does he understand and respect your feelings when you're angry and upset, even if you disagree? 
  • Can your partner apologize when he's wrong? 

Sexuality and sexual harmony, which are an important part of marriage, can be a topic that needs to be talked about and clarified with your partner before you get married, if you still haven't talked about it. 

  • Can you talk about your expectations of sexuality, your fears, if any, and your taboos? 
  • Even if you haven't experienced sexuality yet, do you have a attraction to it? Or do you feel such an attraction to you from him? It's like him touching you, wanting to be physically close to you, finding you attractive and wanting you. Do you feel that way about him? 
  • It is important to talk about it in detail, especially if you have a fear, taboo, or reluctance about sexuality. 

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