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Are you breathing right?

We learn the wrong breathing habits at a young age and we all unconsciously, automatically, control our breathing and interfere with our respiratory system to feel good, relax, relieve our fatigue. This intervention may work psychologically, but it also causes serious health problems because it destabilizes our respiratory chemistry.

"We sabotage our life energy with the wrong habits"

We breathe a billion times a day. And many people distort, hold, limit their breathing millions of times during the day... Every time we distort our breath, first in our mind, then in our energy body, there's a blockage, a malfunction. This blockage, which we cause by sabotaging the life energy that we need to enter, paves the way for negative thoughts, emotions, physical problems, and as a result, diseases begin.

For the organs in our bodies to function perfectly, it is imperative that we deliver the life energy, some kind of gasoline, to them. In order for our body to survive and continue its functions, what we need is breathing in its most natural form...

"One of the common problems in breathing habits is excessive breathing habits".

A lot of people use breath to manipulate their psychology. Every time we take deep breaths to feel good, concentrate, relax, we enter into a state of respiratory alcoholosis called hypocapni, which is the underlying cause of more than 200 diseases...
We do it wrong not because we breathe less, as many people think, but because we breathe excessively, not when we cannot control our breath, but rather when we overconfidence, when we do not trust our body and change our breathing.

We need to learn to surrender.

DELIVERY I know a big word, physical, emotional, spiritual, requires work at all levels, but we all need to learn surrender if we want to be healthy. We need to learn to let our bodies, to trust our bodies to breathe.

Let's not forget that the most accurate breath is the system in which we do not intervene, our respiratory system automatically operates on its own.

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