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Are cats safe for pregnant women?

In society, stories of miscarriage or stillbirth due to a cat-borne disease are often told. Therefore, pregnant women often try to stay away from pets such as cats and dogs. Even those who keep such pets in their homes before pregnancy are pressured by their grandparents to leave these friends. The parasite that is believed to be transmitted from cats and causes miscarriage is "toxoplasma gondii", but in the fact of the matter, cats are much more innocent than is known in toxoplasma infections that infect humans.

Although the cat intestine is the ideal breeding ground for the toxoplasma parasite, cats are not the only cause of transmission of the disease to humans. Toxoplasma is often transmitted not from cats in the house, but by the fact that vegetables and fruits that have come into contact with cat feces are not well washed and the meat of infected animals is eaten without being thoroughly cooked.

  • Toxoplasma is transmitted only to cats that eat rodents (such as mice) by hunting them. If you don't take your cat out on the street or feed it raw meat, the risk of them contracting toxoplasma is close to zero.
  • Infected with toxoplasma, the cat spreads the parasite with its feces for 2-3 weeks. Then the immune cat does not get sick again and does not become contagious. Stray cats, on the other hand, often do not infect when they grow up, as they usually spend their time in their offspring.
  • Parasites excreted with cat feces need to spend 24 hours in the outside world in order to acquire infectious properties. Therefore, if you regularly change your cat's litter every 24 hours, it is very unlikely that the parasite will infect you, even if your cat has a contagious active infection.
  • During your pregnancy, you can touch, cuddle, love and be in the same environment with your cat. Only after touching it should you wash your hands thoroughly and never take your hand to your mouth before washing it.
  • Just in case, you should not change your cat's sand yourself, if there is no one else to do it, you should always replace the sand by wearing gloves.
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