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Applications that shine your skin when entering summer

I say it all the time, everywhere. Botox is the most effective and safe way to stop mimic wrinkles. Especially in summer, because of the sun, we squint our eyes and look, so the mimic lines settle more easily. As a precaution, everything you need to know about Botox during these times will give you a smoother and younger expression in the summer.


One of the applications I enjoy applying to my patients is mesotherapy, which I do to the eyes. In preparation for the summer, I recommend this procedure to anyone who has dark detention problems. This app helps keep your eyes alive and open the dark image. Therefore, it reduces the need to use a detention concealer, especially in hot weather.


As I enter summer, my advice to women is always to "have less makeup, more clean skin." Therefore, I attach importance to applications that will improve skin quality in spring. Youth vaccination is administered 3 times at certain intervals. It contains active ingredients necessary for self-repair, moisture and flexibility of the skin, tightening and vitamins and enzymes useful for the skin. The post-application defense mechanism is strengthened. The skin looks brighter, softer, moer and fresher. This eliminates the need to use foundation in summer.


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