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Apple announces new privacy features

Smart Tracking Prevention helps prevent advertisers from following you from site to site.

The map app does not associate your data with your Apple ID. And Apple doesn't keep a record of your past location information.

The Photos app uses machine learning technology to organize your photos directly on your device. So you don't have to share your photos with Apple or others.

Apple can't read your iMessages that you send to each other with the person you're texting.

Your Apple ID does not connect to Siri. Your requests are not associated with you, but with random identifiers.

You control what information is stored in the Health app and with whom this information is shared.

Easy-to-read summaries in the App Store help you select apps based on how they use your data and whether they follow you.

At the world Developers Conference in June, it was announced that app product pages in the App Store would provide users with easily displayed summaries of privacy practices reported by the developers themselves. Apple details Privacy Information for its users...

  • Developers offering an update or a new version are required to provide this new privacy information for all apps in all app stores, including iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS. Reporting privacy practices is part of the app submission process for all developers, and every app developer in the world, including Apple, needs to answer the same questions.
  • This is about what data users collect about the apps themselves greater transparency and it represents the beginning of an innovative new program that will help them have knowledge. 
  • This is an ambitious program and creating a system that is easy to understand for all applications is an important responsibility. Over time, the system will also improve as the features that work best for users and developers are learned. 
  • App developers will be able to update their tags on the developer portal. In this way, users will be able to have up-to-date information about the data applications that developers monitor for their applications. Apple will continue to provide developers with resources to help them fill in that information correctly. 
  • The application product pages will show the types of data an application can collect and whether the application will use that data to track you, or whether the data will connect to you. Data type will be collected in three categories: “data used to track you”, “data associated with you” and “data not associated with you”. 
  • Tracking means connecting user or device data collected from an application to the user, or using device data collected from other companies ' applications, websites, or offline features for targeted advertising or ad measurement purposes. Monitoring also means sharing user or device data with data agents.
  • Data associated with you; the app refers to data associated with your identity through your user account, device, or other details. 
  • In addition to showing the types of data the app can collect in summaries, iOS offers many other privacy features that allow users to give detailed control over the types of data an app can access after downloading to a user's device.
  • In addition to these controls, we think October is important for users to have a more comprehensive view of the data a developer can collect if they decide to download the app and allow developers to access different types of data. New privacy information in the App Store also carries this purpose.
  • As Apple has previously announced, starting December 8, developers are required to submit this new privacy information to the App Store to update their apps. For this, developers do not need to make changes to their application or business models. In this context, only users are provided with transparency about the data that applications collect to track and link the user.


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