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All details of Baby Shower

For those of you who don't know, let me start by telling you what Baby Shower is. Baby Shower is a meeting that is held not after the baby is born but about 1 month before the baby is born, usually organized by the mother-to-be's sister or closest friends, if any.

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Baby Shower is invited to a community of family friends, friends and the closest. Baby Shower also offers fun games, meals and chats that surprise the expectant mother.

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Again, gifts that the mother-to-be may need are received and supported. In fact, this is not a Turkish tradition, but it is still regulated by many expectant mothers today.

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I have actually posted many photos of the day on my social media accounts, but for those who are curious about the details of the organization, I would like to share all the details again.

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-Organization: Term Events
-Flowers: My Concept Flowers
-Photos: Button Film
-Gifts: Beauty&The Flower
-Desserts: Sea Boutique Cake
-Catering: Food & More

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The main colors of Baby Shower were pink, black, white and gold.

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As a place, we were in the garden of my sister's house. You know, when it's hot and the sun's out there, you're looking for something to cool off. That's why we gave special fan names to the guests.

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So they can be the memory of the day and cool off a little in the heat.

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When there are few people to attend, it is easier to think and apply specific details to them.

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That's why we put stickers on the back of special chairs in the name of the guests who came again. So the chairs weren't actually made with a name, we just added stickers to the chair that was. :)

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Apart from that, everyone from that day painted food aprons for nile for their own taste with crayons and printing pens. I've done so many beautiful things that I can't wait to use them and remember the b-day again:)

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For example, in this Baby Shower, we asked a question about "how many cm do you think the mother's waist size is?" Everyone made different predictions. We gave the winner a gift with small cosmetics.

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In another game, we tried to tie diapers to dolls with our eyes closed in 20 seconds, which we really laughed at and had a lot of fun with! :)

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I generally believe that Baby Shower is a very enjoyable and fun organization. It's a morale boost for the mother and a different kind of fun for the people who come.

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Now I leave you with the photos, I hope you enjoy looking at the photos as much as I do :)

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