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After the Alaçatı Weed Festival

We expected that the attendance would be great after the room prices were sold for 1 – 2 thousand TL and that there was no space in any of the hotels (including Izmir and the surrounding districts) shortly before the festival, but we were not expecting such a crowd, nor was it probably alacati municipality!

Those of us who went to Alacati from Thursday, April 7th, the first day of the festival, were lucky because we had the freedom to walk through the shaky streets for the first two days. The festival area, venues and nightclubs were full again, of course, but on Saturday morning, with the weather extra spectacular, 350 tour buses from around the world such as Mardin, Diyarbakir, Konya and Stuttgart were found to have twice the attendance of last year in Cesme. You can more or less guess the crowd from the 500 meters we drive in a full hour and a half, standing still for 15 minutes in front of Corner Coffee, the exact middle point of alacati streets.

Now to what's going on at the event where we're all crazy about weed...

The main theme of this year's festival was Radika (also known as Hindiba) grass. We came across radikaya, whose leaves were boiled and eaten with olive oil and lemon, as an appetizer on the menu of many of the restaurants, but we did not come across much in the content of the dishes prepared by the aunts in the festival area. Likewise, Şevket-i Bostan, which I did not like in terms of appearance but loved as a flavor, was another of the herbs that attracted the lead at the festival. But ironically, apart from being sold in basins, we only had the opportunity to drink the soup at Corner Coffee. It was delicious, by the way. That's my strong advice.

If you ask me what I really think of the festival, which is only the right of the locals of Cesme to rent a stand, I will tell you that we do not feed much in terms of content. Yes, whisks and shakes made from mixed herbs, leaf wraps, herb pancakes and artichoke rice were available on some aunts' tables, but the greater availability of apple cookies, raw meatballs and jams, I think, took the festival out of the grass that was the focus and put it in the mood for a bazaar. Since we went with the idea of experiencing something made of Aegean herbs, we couldn't help but ask the question of what herbs are in it, even for flavors that are unlikely to have herbs in them. I can only say that the nettle baklava and herb heart dessert I came across at one of the stands, which I can consider the most creative flavors, was able to offer me the difference I expected at the grass festival.

Another of the most talked about topics at the festival was the sale of everything for a figure of 5 TL per serving, which I have no complaints about. On the contrary, it was something I liked very much. Because the fact that housewives can be given such an opportunity in an event that lasts only four days is too valuable to me to measure with money. Therefore, I would like to once again congratulate Alacati Municipality for their marketing work and this opportunity they have created for people.

There were many events for four days, whether in the festival area or in hotels. Food competitions were organized, workshops were organized. There were hikes in the mountains and countryside. Many people had the opportunity to collect and get to know weeds. Panels on "Healthy Living" and "Sustainable Agriculture" were held. I mean, there was something everywhere in Alacati, but the only problem was the chaos. Next year, I'd like the municipality to collect all these events under a more professional and entertaining setup. Wouldn't it be great if every hotel had a weed theme, except for events in the festival area? We focus on one point for radika-related information and creative food, another point for sea fritters, and we become more consciously aware of the limitless world that the Aegean offers us.

It was a weekend I enjoyed very much after all. Will I go again next year? Weekdays, yes, but I don't think I'll make it to Saturday, Sunday, because we're probably going to have twice the crowds this year.

Finally, I have a request from the municipalities of our country. In a Turkey that is extremely inadequate in terms of festivals, should you not coincide with adana orange blossom carnival and Alacati Grass Festival again? There's no point in dividing the country into carnivores and herbivores, is there?

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