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Aesthetic applications to prepare your skin for summer

It stands for Platalet Rich Plasma, which means platelet-rich plasma. We separate the blood we take intravenously through a special procedure and give it under the skin. This is an excellent skin support that is more effective than any cream and serum can do. If you do not want to carry your acne scars, skin fatigue, large pores into summer, we can successfully treat them with PRP. Do not hide imperfections by trapping your skin under makeup in summer, destroy them by treating them. Greet the writing with fresh and light with a clear skin.

Although I find it difficult to keep up with women's fashion paces, I know that dark lipsticks stay in winter. As I mentioned at the beginning of my article; Less makeup than the goal in summer. Only a gloss or a protective cream is enough for plump and voluminous lips. What you need to get full lips is only a lunch break. The effect is seen instantly, its permanence is on average 1 year.

Excessive sweating is a terrible problem that puts you in a very difficult situation. It embarrasses the person, strains his social life, even affectes his psychology. However, the solution is very simple. If the necessary hygienic conditions are met but no results are obtained, excessive sweating treatment can be done with Botox. The active ingredient we use here is about 2-3 times more than the "aesthetic botox" we make for the face. It can be done to the armpits, hands and feet. Above, I've listed my suggestions for making you more radiant in the spring semester. No matter which one you prefer, remember that what suits you best is a big smile.

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