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added milk to enjoy Turkish coffee

Karaca's new invention “remember”, which has again implemented a first in the world and in Turkey, has ten ingenuity on ten fingers. Turkish coffee, the chief crown of Turkish traditions, is diversifying with the new memory, making the pleasure of coffee accessible according to your daily mode. While Turkish coffee with milk with new memory also meets its lovers, Turkish coffee in embers is now easily made at home, and new memory invites coffee lovers to new coffee experiences.

The new recollection also brings with it the inviting flavour of hot chocolate, which smells good. Hot chocolate, which children love so much, is ready at the touch of a button. In addition, the new memory also has a good news for milk lovers. Heating milk with new memory is very fast, very easy and practical. Because the new memory doesn't boil the milk, it doesn't carry it. He warns when it comes to a certain temperature level. For those who want to make a pleasant, long coffee ritual and love coffee with plenty of milk, the new memory is ready to take its place in the capital with the milk coffee option.

In the new memory, which will be in the minds with its claim in the coffee machine category, the ingenuity is not limited to this. There are many healthy, practical dessert and light drink recipes that can be made with milk and coffee with the recipes in the recipe booklet presented together with Yeni Hatır. Affogato with milk Turkish coffee, milk coffee cake and many more delicious recipes while preparing the new memory takes on the role of the biggest helper.

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